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U.S. Migration Routes
U.S. Migration Topics
Substitute Records 

Other records that show where people settled are:

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Value of Migration Research

A census is a count and description of the population of a country, state, county, or city. Census lists are also called “schedules." In the United States a nationwide census has been taken every ten years since 1790. A well-indexed census is one of the easiest ways to locate where an ancestor lived and when they lived there. You can also use censuses to:

For details see United States Federal Census United States flag.png.

Contents of U.S. Migration Records

Federal Census Years
1790 1820 1850 1880 1910
1800 1830 1860 1890 1920
1810 1840 1870 1900 1930
Blank forms for the US Census

Migration Records for Selected States

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