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Index Accuracy

The information in an index may be incomplete or incorrect. If you have reason to believe your ancestor should have been in the census, search the census regardless of the information in the index. In large cities, learn the person's address by searching the city directory. for the same year as the census (see the “Directories” section of this outline). Then look for that address on the original census schedules starting in 1880. Prior to 1880 it may be helpful to learn the ward where a person resided.

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 Ancestry has online images & every name indexes for 1790-1930, 1850 & 1860 slave schedules, 1890 Veteran's Schedule, and  1930 Merchant Seamen.

Heritage Quest has online indexes for 1790-1820, 1860-1920 & 1930 (Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia) and images for 1790-1930.