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Locating information about an adoption in your family takes time. Here are a few suggestions to help in your search. Visit with every family member and ask what they remember. They may provide valuable clues. Visit your local library to read books about how to search for adoptions, and then ask about other resource material to help in your search. The Family History Library in Salt Lake City does not provide a service to help adopted persons locate their birth parents.

The following organizations may be able to help you.

The ALMA Society
P. O. Box 85
Denville, NJ 07834
Web site: www.almasociety.org

International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR)
P. O. Box 2312
Carson City, NV 89702
Web site: www.isrr.net

The Internet has information about adoptions and finding birth parents. A good place to start is the Adoption page of Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet at www.cyndislist.com/adoption.htm. This site has dozens of links to Internet sites about:

  • Adoption Research
  • Home Children (Britain and Canada)
  • Locality Specific Internet Sites
  • Mailing Lists, Newsgroups, and Chat Rooms
  • Professional Researchers, Volunteers, and Other Research Services
  • Adoption Research Publications, Software and Supplies

Use a search engine on the Internet such as Google. Try several key words such as the term "adoption," the area where the adoption happened, and whether searching for a parent or child. This search will help identify resources and information specific to the area where the adoption took place.

In your search, consider the following records, because they can contain information that can give you clues.

  • Local and county records such as court records and adoption proceedings
  • Death certificates, obituaries, cemeteries, and funeral home records
  • Newspapers, which may be available in historical societies or university or college libraries
  • Hospital records<br\