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1917 Tavrida Land Census

1917 land census (Поземельная перепись) is available for the following districts in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine:

  • Berdyansk
  • Dneprovka
  • Melitopol

Before 1918, these districts were located in the Tavrida province of the Russian Empire.

This set is divided into folders (дела). Sheets in each folder are numbered consecutively in the upper right hand corner. Usually, sheets from one village are grouped together. There may be more than one village included in the folder. Each sheet includes land owners' name, ages and relationships of those in his household and description of the estate's property. Text is in Russian.

Click each district to see what records are available through the Family History Library.


Locate your village in the index of the register. Numbers given after the name of the village are folder (делo) numbers.

1917 Tavrida Land Census 3.jpg

Next, locate the folder (делo) number in the Film Notes to obtain the film number. For example here are the entries for folder (делo) 5.

Ф. 254, о. 1, д. 5 Поземельная перепись 1917 Ф. 254, о. 1, д. 5 (продолжение) Поземельная перепись 1917

1917 Tavrida Land Census.jpg
1917 Tavrida Land Census 2.jpg