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''[[United States Military Records|United States Military Records ]] >  Records Selection Table''  
''[[United States|United States ]] >  [[United States Military Records|Military Records ]] >  [[US_Military_Records_Selection_Table|Records Selection Table]]''  
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United States  >  Military Records  >  Records Selection Table

U.S. Military - Records Selection Table
Once you know in which war(s) your ancestor may have served, use this table to decide which records to search. Use this table as a guide only. The information listed here is generally found in pre-20th century records, but each item is rarely found in every individual record.

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Service Pension Bounty Land Draft Cemetery Soldier Homes Veteran/ Lineage Society Military Biography
Birth date    
Birth place    
Death date  
Death place        
Spouse, Marriage  
Military Unit  
Physical description        
Service history