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=== Border Town Ports of Entry ===
=== Mexico Border Stations ===
==== Arizona  ====
==== Arizona  ====

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Mexican Border Crossings immigration records from Mexico to the United States often include detailed family information. Numerous Mexicans came to Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas in the late 19th and early 20th century. Records of 20th century Mexican border crossings are available at the National Archives and Family History Library. An online index is available at Border Crossings from Mexico to the United States (FamilySearch Historical Records).  Microfilm of these records is organized by the immigration border town where the crossing took place.

Crossing the Frontera is a free online class with search tips and techniques to help you with Mexican Border Crossing records.

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Mexico Border Stations



New Mexico


Card Manifest Descriptions

Card manifests were collected for each person crossing the border. These forms were patterned after the ship manifest cards used at other ports.  Different types of card manifests were implemented for various purposes.  The most common forms are described below. When viewing these cards it is important to check the reverse side of the card.  The "back side" of the card many include instructions about the card, lists of multiple entries into the U.S. for the individual, or an attached photograph.

U.S. Immigration Mexican Border Crossing Card Manifests
Form Number Description
Form 548
Form 548-B
Form I-448

Most Common Manifest 
Generally includes:
  • Marital Status
  • Place of Birth
  • Physical Description
  • Occupation
  • Ability read or write, and in what language
  • Last permanent residence
  • Destination
  • Purpose for entering the U.S.
  • Intent to become a U.S. citizen
  • Head tax status
  • Previous citizenships
Form 502
Form 1502
Printed and intended as a card index to ship passenger arrivals. The form listed:
  • Steamer line (steamship line)
  • Group number (page number for ship manifest)
  • List (line number on ship manifest)

Adapted for use with land border arrivals with

  • Immigrant's name, age, sex
  • Steamer=name of railroad
  • Line=destination, date and port of arrival
  • Group=manifest number ( not significant information)
  • List=changed to Serial Number

The serial number and date of arrival may be used to find the corresponding sheet manifest.

About this collection

A wiki article describing Mexican Border Crossing Records is found at:

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