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This page is intended to be a search-engine-friendly list of the training materials available to instruct patrons in the use of the FamilySearch Family Tree.

Title and Description Course Video Guide or Manual Lesson or Activity Handout Webinar
Introduction to the Family Tree
Family Tree Overview
Policies for Submitting Names to the Temple
Switching to Family Tree
Adding Information
Correcting Family Relationships
Correcting Information about a Person
Adding Sources
Reserving Ordinances in Family Tree
Assigning Names to the Temple in Family Tree
Family Tree Quick Start Guide
Family Tree Reference Manual
Family Tree
Introduction to the Family Tree
The Case for Moving to "Our Tree"
Managing Ordinances
Moving Information from to Family Tree
Dealing with Duplicate Records
Adding Sources
Release Notes
Introduction to FamilySearch Tree
Family tree Advanced Topics: Editing Relationships
Family Tree Advanced Topics: Sourcing
Family Tree Advanced Topics: Merging