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*Handcart Company Pioneers  
*[Handcart Company Pioneers] [[Handcart Pioneers]]
*Kirtland Pioneers  
*Kirtland Pioneers  
*[[LDS Record Selection Table|LDS Record Selection Table]]  
*[[LDS Record Selection Table|LDS Record Selection Table]]  

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Getting Started
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LDS Topics
Substitute Records

Other records about LDS people include:

Pioneers Crossing the Plains of Nebraska by C-1-.C.A. Christensen.png
Key LDS Ancestor Research Links


If your LDS ancestors have been researched before, are they well-documented? Do your family group records show one or more sources of information for each event? Don't just settle for copying someone else's research, cite the evidence that proves it! Careful documentation reduces errors, unwanted duplication, and may help uncover an overlooked ordinance.

Featured content

The Perpetual Emigration Fund - With the creation of the new Perpetual Education Fund, some members have expressed interest in finding out about their ancestor's participation in the historical Perpetual Emigration Fund. This article will help you discover if your ancestors were assisted by the fund during their immigration to Utah.

New articles that might be of interest in your LDS research:

Did you know?

  • The Center for Family History and Genealogy at Brigham Young University has a project devoted to members of the Church who were originally from Wales. The Welch Mormon History website "seeks to preserve and share information about the early converts to Mormonism in Wales. Its main focus is on those individuals who were involved in the Mormon movement in 19th-century Wales."
  • The Tracing Mormon Pioneers website has indexed over 1,000 sources related to searching for your LDS ancestors. Included on the site is a tutorial that will help walk you through the steps to locating records about your pioneer families. Read the Tracing Mormon Pioneers article for more information.

External links

Some useful websites to get started in searching for information about your LDS ancestors include:

  • Sources related to British converts
  • Sources related to Scandinavian converts
  • Sources related to Welch converts
  • Timeline
  • Utah
  • Websites for LDS Research
  • Winter Quarters Pioneers

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