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Course Description

The Three-Day Intensive course is offered at the Los Angeles Family History Library. It provides both the training to use the resources and the instructions to do Family History/Genealogy Research. It is complemented with a follow on advanced training course.

This course is useful for new Family History Consultants, volunteers who work at family history centers, members of the church and the general public who wish to improve their family history/genealogical research skills. A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of the Course.

Participants should have basic computer skills. A free Preliminary Computer Classes given Monday the day before each course may be of help. See "Course Prerequisites" further below. These Monday classes are open to all patrons.

Enrollment limited to the first 24 to register.

Course Schedule

The classes will be from 8 AM to 5 PM each of the three days. Each class will usually last two hours: A classroom instruction followed by an assignment to be completed on the computers. Help is provided with assignments.

The order the classes are taught is subject to change.

Day 1 Time Title

8 am Beginning Research/Organizing Family History

10 am
Introduction to FamilySearch.org

1 pm Overview of Ancestry.com

3 pm Introduction to Personal Genealogical Software
Day 2 Time

8 am US Census Records - Computer Searches

10 am Finding Birth, Death and Marriage Records

1 pm Searching By Surname

3 pm Introduction to Family tree
Day 3 Time Title

8 am Church Records

10 am Death Records: Cemetery, Obituary, Death Cert, etc

1 pm Google Searches

3 pm Introduction to Indexing and Arbitration

Course Dates

Apr    May June
 Apr 15   May 13   June 10
 Apr 16   May 14   June 11
 Apr 17   May 15   June 12

Course Prerequisites


However, the free Preliminary Computer Classes given Monday the day before each Intensive course may be of help. These particular classes are open to all patrons:

1 PM Introduction to Computers and File Management
2 PM USB/flash drives and Windows operations
3 PM Introduction to the Internet

If you have any questions about the prerequisites, please contact Richard D. McBride, Director, LAFHL, 310-474-9990.

Course Registration

You must register for this course, since we only have space for 24 students. Click HERE to register now, online. If you have any questions please call us at 310-474-9990.

You will receive an email within 2 weekdays confirming your registration. If you don't receive the email, email the LAFHL at lafamhist@lafhl.org


Your pre-registration will be finalized by paying a $20 fee after receiving the confirming email. This fee is used to cover handout costs. If a person cannot afford the $20 registration fee, it will be waived. The class order is subject to change. Make your check out to LAFHL and the subject "Three-Day Intensive Course" and send it to:

10741 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Los Angeles, CA 90025