The Sugarite Story, Colfax County, New Mexico

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The lovely story of Sugarite is told in a pamphlet "The Sugarite, New Mexico Story" by Father Stanley, June 1964. The following is an alphabetic list of people mentioned in the story. It is recommended that the pamphlet be checked out through your local library through the inter library loan program. To find the library closest to you that has this pamphlet you can search It is also available at the Reference Desk of the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library in Raton, New Mexico.

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Clay Allison

Joe Armstrong

Rev. and Mrs. Armstrong

Paul W Baker, WW I volunteer

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Barbut, boarding house

Howard Barnes, electrician

Asa Beamer, master mechanic

F. Bellamy

Miss Bird

Bonamelli family

Mr. A.L. Brockman, secretary-treasurer, Red cross

Henry Brooker

Dr. B.A. Brooks, treasurer, Red Cross

Mrs. B.A. Brooks

William Buege, master mechanic

Eli Burch


Rev. Carwardine

Joe Cencil, orchestra

Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Chapman, managers Alta Vista Ranch

S.W. Clark

Al Coe, rancher

Comba family

Dr. Cornett

Mr and Mrs Joe Curran, first mine superintendent

Mrs Oscar Davis

Sam M. Davis, butcher

Mrs Sam Davis, Red cross president

Joe Deal, electrician

Charles de Foresta, member Sugarite Outfit

Tom Denton

Gladys Duncan

Ike and Nancy Ellis, potato farmers

F. Ernest, cattle rancher

Agnes Espe

Miss Evans, substitute teacher


P.L. Fry

Mabel Fulghum

Lena Giampetri

E.C. Griffith,  member Sugarite Outfit

T.J. Griffith

Frank Gumm

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Gurule, Mrs is Mrs Barbut's sister

Mr. and Mrs. Hallas

Mrs. Walter Hamilton, teacher father and uncles are Oldham's

Catherine Hancock, first school teacher

Mrs. Hartsell

Tom Harvey, mine superintendent

Dr. Hubbard

Miss Hubbard, school teacher

Vance Humphrey

Dr. and Mrs. Percy James, physician

Abe Jones, WW I volunteer

Evan Jones

Mr. Karper, 1st mine clerk, played violin at dances

Mrs. Karper, played piano at dances

Ted Karper

Joe Kastner

Mrs. Kegel, Red Cross

Anna Kingston

Knox, rancher and secretary for The Sugarite Outfit

Mike Kohler, WW I volunteer


William Langley, carpenter

Thomas Lark, night watchman

W.T. Lee

T.D. Leib

Rachel Lonsbury

Bert Loyd, mine superintendent

G.E. Lyon, acting secretary for The Sugarite Outfit and tallyman

Dr. T. B. Lyon, Altsa Vista Ranch

Mrs Malcolm

Mrs Anton Marcella

Ernesto, Marchioso, WW I volunteer

Antonio Maris, WW I volunteer

Mrs. O.E. Mausby

Rev. McKean

Catherine McLaughlin, first school teacher

Willie Newman

W.J. Parker, captain and member Sugarite Outfit

Mr and Mrs Martin Peryatel, daughter Mary

Popejoy, President University of New Mexico

Grandma Prendergast


Roy Rinehart

Mrs Roy Rinehart, Vice president, Red cross

Harry Rodda

Louis Salazar, WW I volunteer

J.W. Shackelford, executive committe member Sugarite Outfit

Mrs. Sharmer

Albert G. Shaw, Belmont Ranch, executive committe member Sugarite Outfit

Miss Shields, Red Cross

Evelyn Shuler

S.C. Sprule, rancher and stage inspector

Spurlock, janitor

Sue Stewart

Ernest Susoniz, WW I volunteer

Charles B Thatcher, executive committe member Sugarite Outfit

Marie Troy, teacher

Walter A Wagner

Mabel White

G.S. Wilson, store clerk

Winter, President of the Sugarite Outfit

H.T. Woods,  member and manager Sugarite Outfit

Richard Woods, store clerk

50 Japanese employed at the camp, no women,