The Knowles Collection: the Jews of the British Isles

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Use this record to find the genealogy of many Jews from the British Isles. The great advantage of the Knowles Collection is that it links together into family groups, thousands of individual Jews (over 11,000 as of 1 August 2007). Until now, these records were available only at the Family History Library through a complex indexing system devised by the late Isobel Mordy whose collection forms the basis of the Knowles Collection.

This record contains

  • Surname and forenames (continually being added)
  • Links to ancestors
  • Dates where available
  • Places where available
  • Source citations where available
  • Notes where available
  • Mordy number, where applicable

Before using this record know

  • Name of person to search for
  • Approximate year of birth
  • Where the person lived

Where to access the collection

  • Online at On the Home Page, click on the heading Jewish Family History Resources Scroll down to Knowles Collection.

How to search the record

  • Search by the name of your ancestor
  • View the sources
  • View the notes


There are three types of records in the collection:

  1. Those which were part of the Mordy collection.These have the original Mordy Index numbers included in the Custom ID field, e.g., ML 31.10.52. In the Notes field, each item is categorized underGeneral Notes.
  2. Those which have been added by Todd Knowles.In the Notes field, each item is categorized underResearch Notes.
  3. Items contributed to the site by others, who are acknowledged.