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== [[Image:Texas_flag.png|thumb|right]]Location                                                 ==
[[Image:Texas flag.png|thumb|right|Texas flag.png]]
== Location  ==
Hill College Campus, Hillsboro, Texas  
Hill College Campus, Hillsboro, Texas  

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Hill College Campus, Hillsboro, Texas


The Texas Heritage Museum has exhibits that promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Texas military history and the experiences of Texans during wartime, both at the front and at home. They have over 16,000 exhibits dating from the 1830's to the present giving visitors the opportunity to learn Texas history.

Medal of Honor Memorial and Exhibits

Texas Heritage Museum's Medal of Honor collections are enhanced by the "Official Texas State Memorial To Native Born Texas Medal of Honor Recipients"on the front grounds of the museum. This memorial honors the 56 native-born Texans who received the Medal of Honor. Included in this memorial are Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier and Samuel Dealey the most decorated sailor. The museum has Audie Murphy's WWII artifacts and the Medal of Honor from WWii that was awarded to James Harris. The Historical Research Center has an extensive archive collection of photographs and documents of other Texas Medal of Honor recipients.