Texas Civil War Cavalry Confederate Units

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The information in this list of Texas Military Units comes from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors web site (CWSS). This web site can also be searched by the name of a soldier.

1st Units

  • 1st Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Confederate)
    Organized at Galveston, Texas, during the winter of 1861-1862 using the 3rd Texas Artillery Battalion as its nucleus. The regiment was included in the surrender on June 2, 1865.

Units 2nd through 3rd

Units 4th through 9th

Units 10th through 17th

Units 18th through 26th

Units 27th through 35th

Units 36th through 47th

B Units

C Units

  • Crump's Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Lane's) (1st Texas Partisan Rangers) (Confederate)
    1st Regiment Partisan Rangers was formed during the summer of 1862 with about 1,000 men. Many were from San Augustine and Paris. The unit served in D. H. Cooper's, Major's, and Hardeman's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. It fought at Prairie Grove, skirmished in Louisiana, and fought in the conflicts at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill. Later it continued the fight in Louisiana and in May, 1865, disbanded. The field officers were Colonel Walter P. Lane, Lieutenant Colonel R. P. Crump, and Majors A. D. Burns and W.P. Saufley.

Units D through F

  • Duff's Texas Cavalry (33rd Cavalry) (Confederate)
    33rd Cavalry Regiment was organized in April, 1863, by using the 14th (Duff's) Texas Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. Its members were recruited at San Antonio, Port Lavaca, and Mt. Vernon, and in Kaufman County. This unit served in Gano's and Hardeman's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department, and was active along the lower Rio Grande. In April, 1864, it was near Bonham, Texas and contained 23 officers and 307 men. On June 2, 1865, it was included in the surrender. The field officers were Colonel James Duff, Lieutenant Colonel James R. Sweet, and Majors Santos Benavides and John T. Brackenridge.
  • Frontier Regiment, Texas Cavalry (46th Regiment Cavalry) (Confederate)
    Frontier Cavalry Regiment [also called 46th Regiment] was organized in May, 1864. The unit served in the Trans-Mississippi Department on the Texas frontier principally against Indians. It was formed with 1,240 men and in April, 1865, totalled only 102. The few remaining men disbanded prior to the surrender in June, 1865. The field officers were Colonel James E. McCord, Lieutenant Colonel James B. Barry, and Major W. J. Alexander.

Units G through J

  • Gano's Battalion, Texas Cavalry (Confederate)
    Gano's Cavalry Battalion [also called Gano's Guards or Squadron] was organized with two companies during the fall of 1861. Sent to Kentucky the unit served in the Western Department and the Army of the Mississippi. In September, 1862, it merged into the 7th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Richard M. Gano was in command.

Units L through M

  • Mann's Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Bradford's) (Confederate)
    Mann's Cavalry Regiment, formerly Bradford's Cavalry Regiment, was organized during January, 1865. This unit served in the defense of Galveston and in March contained 29 officers and 361 men. It was included in the surrender on June 2. The field officers were Colonel Walter E. Mann, Lieutenant Colonel William F. Upton, and Major John E. Oliver.

Units N through P

R Units

S Units

Units T through Z