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1850-1930--The Family History Library has the U.S. federal censuses for the state of Texas. 

1860 United States CensusA free Internet index and images to the 1860 United States Census can be viewed on the FamilySearch Record Search – Pilot Site. This index includes every name listed on the census and is linked to an image including information about each person’s residence and age in 1860, birthplace, occupation, other family members, whether married or single, and neighbors.

1890-- census has been destroyed. The 1890 Union veterans schedule and index are available at the Family History Library and at the National Archives.

1900 Federal Census - A free Internet index and images to the 1900 United States Census can be viewed on the  FamilySearch Record Search – Pilot Site. Important additions to this census are month and year of birth of each household member, number of years married for each married person, number of children born to each mother and the number of those still living, year of immigration, and number of years in the United States.

Historical Background

1845--The United States acquired Texas as the 28th state.

1846-1848--Mexico declared war on the United States in an effort to reclaim Texas and other territory claimed by both countries. Mexico gave up its claim to Texas.

1850--Texas relinquieshed its claims to Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma.

1861-1865--Texas seceded from the Union during the Civil War. In 1870 it was readmitted to the Union.


Book Indexes

1850-1860--Statewide indexes are available for censuses in book and microfiche format.

1870-1880--There are statewide indexes in book form. Many county indexes are available for the 1870 census.


1880, 1910, 1920-- A Soundex (phonetic) index is available on microfilm.

Special Censuses

Mortality Schedules

1850-1880--Mortality schedules exist for the censuses. The schedules for 1850, 1860,and 1870 are indexed in book format. The schedules and indexes are available at the Family History Library. The original records are at the Texas State Library. There are also copies at the National Archives.

Mortality Schedules 1850-1880

1850 United States Census Mortality Schedules—A free Internet index and images to the 1850 United States Census Mortality Schedules can be viewed on the FamilySearch Record Search - Pilot Site. Mortality schedules provided nationwide death statistics for the twelve months prior to the 1850 census.  Key genealogical facts found on the 1850 mortality schedule are: Name, age, sex, color, married or widowed, birthplace, month of death, occupation, cause of death.

Mission Censuses

Available mission censuses have been translated and are available on microfilm at the University of Texas, Institute of Texas Cultures, San Antonio, Texas.

School Censuses

School censuses were taken in 1854 and 1855 by some counties. The original records are at the Texas State Archives. The Family History Library has microfilm copies of some school censuses.

Territorial Censuses

Several censuses were taken in Texas prior to statehood, including censuses taken of many municipalities, and of some mission and military districts between 1792 and 1836. Many of the surviving records have been published, along with information from other records made at the time, in the following sources:

  • Mullins, Marion D. The First Census of Texas, 1829-1836: To Which are Added Texas Citizenship Lists, 1821-1845, and Other Early Records of the Republic of Texas. Washington, DC: National Genealogical Society, 1962. (Family History Library book 976.4 X2mm; film 844966.)
  • Jackson, Ronald Vern. Texas, 1830-1839, Census Index. North Salt Lake, Utah: Accelerated Indexing Systems International, 1981. (Family History Library book 976.4 X2j 1830-1839.)
  • Jackson, Ronald Vern, et al. Texas, 1840-49. North Salt Lake, Utah: Accelerated Indexing Systems International, 1981. (Family History Library book 976.4 X2j 1840-1849.)


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