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Most of the major archives mentioned in the "Archives and Libraries" section of this outline have collections of biographical materials.

An ongoing project to index more than 200 biographical and historical publications in the Texas Collection at Baylor University has produced the Biographical Gazetteer of Texas. Austin, Texas: W.M. Morrison Books, 1985- Volumes 1-6, alphabetical; (Family History Library book 976.4 D3bgt.)

The Family History Library acquires many published sources of biographical information. State, regional, and county histories often include helpful biographical sections. Representative biographical encyclopedias are:

Bailey, Ernest Emory. Texas Historical and Biographical Record With a Genealogical Study of Historical Family Records. Austin, Texas: Texas Historical and Biographical Record, N.d. (Family History Library film 873974 item 2.)

Bailey, Emory E., et al. Who's Who in Texas. Dallas, Texas: Who's Who Publishing, 1931. (Family History Library book 976.4 D3be; film 1000606 item 4.)

Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas. 1889. Reprint, Easley, South Carolina: Southern Historical Press, 1978. (Family History Library book 976.4 D3bs 1978; 1889 edition is on film 1000596 item 2.)

Davis, Ellis Arthur and Edwin H. Grobe. Encyclopedia of Texas. Dallas: Texas Development Bureau, 190? (Family History Library book 976.4 D3de; film 1000595 items 1-3; fiche 6046947; 1929 ed. on films 962725-29 [larger print or fiche 6046992.)]

Brown, John Henry. Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas. 1880. Reprint. Easley, South Carolina: Southern Historical Press, 1978. (Family History Library book 976.4 D3b 1978; the 1880 ed. is on film 924460; 1000597 item 4; fiche 6051506.)

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