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This is the {{WorldCat}} template. This template is used for formatting the text and links for WorldCat items generally used in source citations. Only one parameter is used and required, the WorldCat item number. When you search http://www.WorldCat.org/ for a title, you will find the OCLC item number in the URL (is there an easier way to find this?). Enter this number in the template as the first parameter.


Entered Produces Notes
{{WorldCat|68627254}} WorldCat 68627254 Link
{{WorldCat|68627254|oclc}} WorldCat 68627254 Link
{{WorldCat|9780806317687|isbn}} WorldCat 9780806317687 Link
{{WorldCat|0040-781X|issn}} WorldCat 0040-781X Link
{{WorldCat|1234|junk}} WorldCat 1234 Invalid type, default to OCLC
{{WorldCat}} Missing number

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