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'''[[Media: Place_Of_Birth_Example.pdf|Another place of birth example]]'''
'''[[Media: Index_Principals_Only.pdf|Index only principals - Example]]'''
'''[[Media: Index_Principals_Only.pdf|Index only principals - Example]]'''

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Another place of birth example

Index only principals - Example

How to index projects where only passenger lists are indexed.

How to index projects where, in addition to passenger lists, the indexer is asked to record additional document types, for example, crew lists.

Multiple ship names: If more than one ship is listed on the document, index only the name of the first ship listed.

Documents titled "Questions to be answered by the immigrant before booking" should not be indexed. If an image only has this kind of document, it should be marked as a No Extractable Data Image.

Indexing the Ship Name - Example

Indexing Chinese Alias Names

Airplane Passenger Lists - Example

Documents Not Indexed - Examples

Name Changes - Examples

Affidavits are not indexed.

Supercargo - Index the Supercargo