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This template is for use within navboxes shown at the bottom of the screen. You may use between 1 and 10 tabs. This template should be a nested template (like most Navigation templates). That is, you should create a template and use this template within it to make a Navigation box. For example, if we had a template called '''{{Earth Continents}}''', when placed on a page, the code would look like:

Page code

{{Earth Continents|selected=Europe}}

Template code

The code at the template would look like:

{{Navigation tabs
| template=Earth continents
| selected={{{selected}}}
| title=[[Country|Countries]] of the [[World]]
| tab1=[[Antarctica]]
| body1=Countries in Antarctica
| tab2=[[Africa]]
| body2=Countries in Africa
| tab3=[[Asia]]
| body3=Countries in Asia
| tab4=[[Australia]]
| body4=Countries in Australia
| tab5=[[Europe]]
| body5=Countries in Europe
| tab6=[[North America]]
| body6=Countries in North America
| tab7=[[South America]]
| body7=Countries in South America

Which produces

Countries of the World

Optional parameters


{{Navigation tabs
| template=Americas
| title=The Americas
| width=400px
| colorback=yellow
| colorborder=black
| colortabsoff=orange
| colortop=limegreen
| selected=[[North America]]
| tab1=[[North America]]
| body1=Countries in North America
| tab2=[[South America]]
| body2=Countries in South America

Which produces

Which yes, is ugly, but you can be creative.

The Americas

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