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|group2 = '''Counties'''  
|group2 = '''Counties'''  
|list2 = <font size="-2">[[Adair County, Michigan|Adair]]{{·}} [[Allen County, Michigan|Allen]]{{·}} [[Anderson County, Michigan|Anderson]]{{·}} [[Ballard County, Michigan|Ballard]]{{·}} [[Barren County, Michigan|Barren]]{{·}} [[Bath County, Michigan|Bath]]{{·}} [[Bell County, Michigan|Bell]]{{·}} [[Boone County, Michigan|Boone]]{{·}} [[Bourbon County, Michigan|Bourbon]]{{·}} [[Boyd County, Michigan|Boyd]]{{·}} [[Boyle County, Michigan|Boyle]]{{·}} [[Bracken County, Michigan|Bracken]]{{·}} [[Breathitt County, Michigan|Breathitt]]{{·}} [[Breckinridge County, Michigan|Breckinridge]]{{·}} [[Bullitt County, Michigan|Bullitt]]{{·}} [[Butler County, Michigan|Butler]]{{·}} [[Caldwell County, Michigan|Caldwell]]{{·}} [[Calloway County, Michigan|Calloway]]{{·}} [[Campbell County, Michigan|Campbell]]{{·}} [[Carlisle County, Michigan|Carlisle]]{{·}} [[Carroll County, Michigan|Carroll]]{{·}} [[Carter County, Michigan|Carter]]{{·}} [[Casey County, Michigan|Casey]]{{·}} [[Christian County, Michigan|Christian]]{{·}} [[Clark County, Michigan|Clark]]{{·}} [[Clay County, Michigan|Clay]]{{·}} [[Clinton County, Michigan|Clinton]]{{·}} [[Crittenden County, Michigan|Crittenden]]{{·}} [[Cumberland County, Michigan|Cumberland]]{{·}} [[Daviess County, Michigan|Daviess]]{{·}} [[Edmonson County, Michigan|Edmonson]]{{·}} [[Elliott County, Michigan|Elliott]]{{·}} [[Estill County, Michigan|Estill]]{{·}} [[Fayette County, Michigan|Fayette]]{{·}} [[Fleming County, Michigan|Fleming]]{{·}} [[Floyd County, Michigan|Floyd]]{{·}} [[Franklin County, Michigan|Franklin]]{{·}} [[Fulton County, Michigan|Fulton]]{{·}} [[Gallatin County, Michigan|Gallatin]]{{·}} [[Garrard County, Michigan|Garrard]]{{·}} [[Grant County, Michigan|Grant]]{{·}} [[Graves County, Michigan|Graves]]{{·}} [[Grayson County, Michigan|Grayson]]{{·}} [[Green County, Michigan|Green]]{{·}} [[Greenup County, Michigan|Greenup]]{{·}} [[Hancock County, Michigan|Hancock]]{{·}} [[Hardin County, Michigan|Hardin]]{{·}} [[Harlan County, Michigan|Harlan]]{{·}} [[Harrison County, Michigan|Harrison]]{{·}} [[Hart County, Michigan|Hart]]{{·}} [[Henderson County, Michigan|Henderson]]{{·}} [[Henry County, Michigan|Henry]]{{·}} [[Hickman County, Michigan|Hickman]]{{·}} [[Hopkins County, Michigan|Hopkins]]{{·}} [[Jackson County, Michigan|Jackson]]{{·}} [[Jefferson County, Michigan|Jefferson]]{{·}} [[Jessamine County, Michigan|Jessamine]]{{·}} [[Johnson County, Michigan|Johnson]]{{·}} [[Kenton County, Michigan|Kenton]]{{·}} [[Knott County, Michigan|Knott]]{{·}} [[Knox County, Michigan|Knox]]{{·}} [[Larue County, Michigan|Larue]]{{·}} [[Laurel County, Michigan|Laurel]]{{·}} [[Lawrence County, Michigan|Lawrence]]{{·}} [[Lee County, Michigan|Lee]]{{·}} [[Leslie County, Michigan|Leslie]]{{·}} [[Letcher County, Michigan|Letcher]]{{·}} [[Lewis County, Michigan|Lewis]]{{·}} [[Lincoln County, Michigan|Lincoln]]{{·}} [[Livingston County, Michigan|Livingston]]{{·}} [[Logan County, Michigan|Logan]]{{·}} [[Lyon County, Michigan|Lyon]]{{·}} [[Madison County, Michigan|Madison]]{{·}} [[Magoffin County, Michigan|Magoffin]]{{·}} [[Marion County, Michigan|Marion]]{{·}} [[Marshall County, Michigan|Marshall]]{{·}} [[Martin County, Michigan|Martin]]{{·}} [[Mason County, Michigan|Mason]]{{·}} [[McCracken County, Michigan|McCracken]]{{·}} [[McCreary County, Michigan|McCreary]]{{·}} [[McLean County, Michigan|McLean]]{{·}} [[Meade County, Michigan|Meade]]{{·}} [[Menifee County, Michigan|Menifee]]{{·}} [[Mercer County, Michigan|Mercer]]{{·}} [[Metcalfe County, Michigan|Metcalfe]]{{·}} [[Monroe County, Michigan|Monroe]]{{·}} [[Montgomery County, Michigan|Montgomery]]{{·}} [[Morgan County, Michigan|Morgan]]{{·}} [[Muhlenberg County, Michigan|Muhlenberg]]{{·}} [[Nelson County, Michigan|Nelson]]{{·}} [[Nicholas County, Michigan|Nicholas]]{{·}} [[Ohio County, Michigan|Ohio]]{{·}} [[Oldham County, Michigan|Oldham]]{{·}} [[Owen County, Michigan|Owen]]{{·}} [[Owsley County, Michigan|Owsley]]{{·}} [[Pendleton County, Michigan|Pendleton]]{{·}} [[Perry County, Michigan|Perry]]{{·}} [[Pike County, Michigan|Pike]]{{·}} [[Powell County, Michigan|Powell]]{{·}} [[Pulaski County, Michigan|Pulaski]]{{·}} [[Robertson County, Michigan|Robertson]]{{·}} [[Rockcastle County, Michigan|Rockcastle]]{{·}} [[Rowan County, Michigan|Rowan]]{{·}} [[Russell County, Michigan|Russell]]{{·}} [[Scott County, Michigan|Scott]]{{·}} [[Shelby County, Michigan|Shelby]]{{·}} [[Simpson County, Michigan|Simpson]]{{·}} [[Spencer County, Michigan|Spencer]]{{·}} [[Taylor County, Michigan|Taylor]]{{·}} [[Todd County, Michigan|Todd]]{{·}} [[Trigg County, Michigan|Trigg]]{{·}} [[Trimble County, Michigan|Trimble]]{{·}} [[Union County, Michigan|Union]]{{·}} [[Warren County, Michigan|Warren]]{{·}} [[Washington County, Michigan|Washington]]{{·}} [[Wayne County, Michigan|Wayne]]{{·}} [[Webster County, Michigan|Webster]]{{·}} [[Whitley County, Michigan|Whitley]]{{·}} [[Wolfe County, Michigan|Wolfe]]{{·}} [[Woodford County, Michigan|Woodford]]</font>
|list2 = <font size="-2">[[Alcona County, Michigan|Alcona]]{{·}} [[Alger County, Michigan|Alger]]{{·}} [[Allegan County, Michigan|Allegan]]{{·}} [[Alpena County, Michigan|Alpena]]{{·}} [[Antrim County, Michigan|Antrim]]{{·}} [[Arenac County, Michigan|Arenac]]{{·}} [[Baraga County, Michigan|Baraga]]{{·}} [[Barry County, Michigan|Barry]]{{·}} [[Bay County, Michigan|Bay]]{{·}} [[Benzie County, Michigan|Benzie]]{{·}} [[Berrien County, Michigan|Berrien]]{{·}} [[Branch County, Michigan|Branch]]{{·}} [[Calhoun County, Michigan|Calhoun]]{{·}} [[Cass County, Michigan|Cass]]{{·}} [[Charlevoix County, Michigan|Charlevoix]]{{·}} [[Cheboygan County, Michigan|Cheboygan]]{{·}} [[Chippewa County, Michigan|Chippewa]]{{·}} [[Clare County, Michigan|Clare]]{{·}} [[Clinton County, Michigan|Clinton]]{{·}} [[Crawford County, Michigan|Crawford]]{{·}} [[Delta County, Michigan|Delta]]{{·}} [[Dickinson County, Michigan|Dickinson]]{{·}} [[Eaton County, Michigan|Eaton]]{{·}} [[Emmet County, Michigan|Emmet]]{{·}} [[Genesee County, Michigan|Genesee]]{{·}} [[Gladwin County, Michigan|Gladwin]]{{·}} [[Gogebic County, Michigan|Gogebic]]{{·}} [[Grand Traverse County, Michigan|Grand Traverse]]{{·}} [[Gratiot County, Michigan|Gratiot]]{{·}} [[Hillsdale County, Michigan|Hillsdale]]{{·}} [[Houghton County, Michigan|Houghton]]{{·}} [[Huron County, Michigan|Huron]]{{·}} [[Ingham County, Michigan|Ingham]]{{·}} [[Ionia County, Michigan|Ionia]]{{·}} [[Iosco County, Michigan|Iosco]]{{·}} [[Iron County, Michigan|Iron]]{{·}} [[Isabella County, Michigan|Isabella]]{{·}} [[Jackson County, Michigan|Jackson]]{{·}} [[Kalamazoo County, Michigan|Kalamazoo]]{{·}} [[Kalkaska County, Michigan|Kalkaska]]{{·}} [[Kent County, Michigan|Kent]]{{·}} [[Keweenaw County, Michigan|Keweenaw]]{{·}} [[Lake County, Michigan|Lake]]{{·}} [[Lapeer County, Michigan|Lapeer]]{{·}} [[Leelanou County, Michigan|Leelanou]]{{·}} [[Lenawee County, Michigan|Lenawee]]{{·}} [[Livingston County, Michigan|Livingston]]{{·}} [[Luce County, Michigan|Luce]]{{·}} [[Mackinac County, Michigan|Mackinac]]{{·}} [[Macomb County, Michigan|Macomb]]{{·}} [[Manistee County, Michigan|Manistee]]{{·}} [[Marquette County, Michigan|Marquette]]{{·}} [[Mason County, Michigan|Mason]]{{·}} [[Mecosta County, Michigan|Mecosta]]{{·}} [[Menominee County, Michigan|Menominee]]{{·}} [[Midland County, Michigan|Midland]]{{·}} [[Missoukee County, Michigan|Missoukee]]{{·}} [[Monroe County, Michigan|Monroe]]{{·}} [[Montcalm County, Michigan|Montcalm]]{{·}} [[Montmorency County, Michigan|Montmorency]]{{·}} [[Muskegon County, Michigan|Muskegon]]{{·}} [[Newaygo County, Michigan|Newaygo]]{{·}} [[Oakland County, Michigan|Oakland]]{{·}} [[Oceana County, Michigan|Oceana]]{{·}} [[Ogemaw County, Michigan|Ogemaw]]{{·}} [[Ontonagon County, Michigan|Ontonagon]]{{·}} [[Osceola County, Michigan|Osceola]]{{·}} [[Oscoda County, Michigan|Oscoda]]{{·}} [[Otsego County, Michigan|Otsego]]{{·}} [[Ottawa County, Michigan|Ottawa]]{{·}} [[Presque Isle County, Michigan|Presque Isle]]{{·}} [[Roscommon County, Michigan|Roscommon]]{{·}} [[Saginaw County, Michigan|Saginaw]]{{·}} [[Sanilac County, Michigan|Sanilac]]{{·}} [[Schoolcraft County, Michigan|Schoolcraft]]{{·}} [[Shiawassee County, Michigan|Shiawassee]]{{·}} [[St. Clair County, Michigan|St. Clair]]{{·}} [[St. Joseph County, Michigan|St. Joseph]]{{·}} [[Tuscola County, Michigan|Tuscola]]{{·}} [[Van Buren County, Michigan|Van Buren]]{{·}} [[Washtenaw County, Michigan|Washtenaw]]{{·}} [[Wexford County, Michigan|Wexford</font>
|group3 = '''Extinct Counties'''  
|group3 = '''Extinct Counties'''  

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