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Template:GRC Userbox documentation

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This is a userbox, a small colored box you can add to your User page to share information about yourself, or help other users learn about you so you can collaborate.

Add the userbox[edit source]

To add this userbox to your user page :

  1. Go to your user page.
  2. Click to Edit This Page.
  3. Place your cursor where you would like to see the userbox.
  4. Click on the {T} icon in your toolbar (or the Wikitext button).
  5. Enter {{GRC Userbox documentation}}, click ok if needed, then save the page.
    Admins should type {{GRC Userbox documentation|admin}}

Additional userboxes can be found in the FamilySearch Wiki:Userboxes/Gallery.

If you have a number of userboxes, you can put {{userboxtop}} before and {{userboxbottom}} after the list to order them together on your user page.

For more information about userboxes, see Help:Userbox.