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Instructions for creating a page for your center in the Wiki:

  1. Search box.jpg
    Do a search for your FHC in the wiki

    Check to see if your FHC has already been created in FamilySearch Wiki by typing in the name in the search box and clicking the search button. Most FHCs already have wiki pages created for them; they just need filling out.
  2. Create a page for your FHC

    1. In the Search box, type in the name of your FHC using the format of town, state, and the words "Family History Center." For example "San Francisco California Family History Center." Use no commas between the name of the town and state.
    2. Click the search button.
    3. Under the Search Results heading, and above all the search results, you'll see this title you just type to be in red type.
    4. Click on the red title in red and it will take you to the page that you will edit to create your FHC page.
    5. Click on Wikitext in the editing toolbar.
    6. Type in the editing box {{subst:FHC page outline}}.
    7. Save the page. Add to the summary box "new page".
    8. One more step is required. You need to assign your FHC to a Category.
      1. This is done by going back to the Wikitext edit box.
      2. At the top you'll see "{{FHC-stub}}{{FHCpage|location=}}."
      3. After the "=" after the word "location," type in the state or country your FHC is in. That will assign your FHC to the correct category.
      4. Save the page.

  3. Fill out your wiki page
    For instructions and guidelines for filling out your center page, go to How to fill out information about a Family History Center.