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{{documentation subpage}}
{{documentation subpage|<nowiki>[[</nowiki><var>main page to link to</var><nowiki>]]</nowiki>}}

When used to document usage of a userbox, it may be preferred to have this template state "userbox"/"userbox page" instead of "template"/"template page" or "user template"/"user template page". If this is preferred, use:
{{userbox documentation subpage}}
{{userbox documentation subpage|<nowiki>[[</nowiki><var>main userbox page to link to</var><nowiki>]]</nowiki>}}

===Customization of text===
To manually change the text of the template, the "<code>text1=<var>your text here</var></code>" and/or "<code>text2=<var>your other text here</var></code>" parameters can be specified. "<code>text1=</code>" changes the automatic text on the first line to your own word(s). "<code>text2=</code>" changes the automatic text on the second line to your own word(s). If "<code>text1=</code>" parameter is specified without the "<code>text2=</code>" parameter, both the first and second line of text will be custom based on the text given in the "<code>text1=</code>" parameter.

Example usage:
{{documentation subpage}}

{{documentation subpage}}

{{documentation subpage}}

==How it is displayed==
This template should be placed at the top of "/doc" pages. It changes output depending on where it is viewed:
* On a "/doc" page, it displays a box explaining template documentation and links to the template page.
* On other pages (ie, pages transcluding the "/doc" page), the template will not show. The template page itself (which contains <code>{{Documentation}}</code>) will automatically note that the documentation is transcluded from a subpage.

In addition to the output message, the template categorizes pages to Category:Template documentation, Category:User documentation, or similar (named after the subject space), but only for documentation pages in namespaces with the subpage feature. It defaults the sort key to the page name without namespace (ie, "Foo" on "Template:Foo", so it would be sorted in categories under 'F').

==See also==
* Wikipedia:Template documentation for how this template is used.
Template:Documentation/doc/see also
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