Teaching a Class on Family History

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The LDS church has put together resources for teaching a family history class. They have a student manual, a teacher manual, and a DVD to use in the class.

The Student Manual

The Teacher Manual


The DVD is divided into 7 sections, each one considing with each lesson in the manual. This is a useful tool for every family to use in your Family Home Evenings. You can do one video each week, or one section a week, for a total of 7 Family Home Evenings. Children and youth will enjoy the videos just as much as adults will.

Here are some extra class ideas to use for your students:

Do a class on creating a family history.

Check this out for ideas on how to involve children and youth in Family History.

Teach a class on writing a personal history.

Teach a class on how to create an oral history.

Or teach onhow to involve your extended family in family history.