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FamilySearch This article describes the services and resources available at a Family History Center, a branch facility of the Family History Library.
Taylorsville Multi-Stake FHC Computer Tables.
Taylorsville FHC has 20 new PC's on new tables
Taylorsville Multi-Stake FHC Computer main desk.
Taylorsville FHC has new director's desk and a Lexmark MX611 printer/scanner

Welcome to the Taylorsville Utah 10-Stake Family History Center at the Salt Lake Community College LDS Institute (Redwood campus). We received 20 new 23-inch solid-state-drive PC's (8GB) and a Lexmark MX611 printer/scanner Aug 2016, 12 new desks/tables Oct 2016, an HP color printer/scanner Mar 2017, and a Kodak PS80 high-speed photo scanner with flatbed 1 Dec 2017. We have 43 fantastic consultants. The directors are Jon & Cheryl Thomas from the Bennion Utah West Stake.

LDS Institute (west side entrance) at @SLCC Redwood Campus in Taylorsville UT
LDS Institute west entrance @SLCC Redwood Campus
LDS Institute (south side entrance) at @SLCC Redwood Campus in Taylorsville UT
LDS Institute south entrance @SLCC Redwood Campus

Center Contacts and Hours

  • Language: English
  • Address: 4554 So 2025 W, Taylorsville UT 84129
    • The Institute building is the last on the southwest corner of the main Redwood campus. (Just immediately west of the new SLCC administration building)
    • For parking, use Lot E if possible (off of Community Blvd, a.k.a Bruin Blvd), else use Lot F when E is full. Park in any yellow-lined student parking spot. (The blue-lined spots are only for faculty.) But pick up a free temporary parking pass from the Institute office (inside east entrance) or from the Family History Center staff ASAP upon arrival Mon-Fri (not needed after 6pm).
    • Sometimes while school is not in session, most doors may be locked except for the east or southeast doors. So plan to use those doors.
    • The Family History Center is in Room 107 (west end of the south hallway), but use the south door to the room.
SLCC Main Redwood Campus map (SW portion)
Map to LDS Institute - park in yellow-lined student spots (SLCC Redwood campus southwest portion)
  • Phone:
    • Family History Center: 801-590-7838
    • After Hours / weekends, call: 801-718-9772 (director's mobile)
    • Taylorsville Utah (Redwood campus) LDS Institute of Religion office: 801-964-3064
  • E-mail: ut_taylorsvilleSLCC@ldsmail.net
  • Open Hours:
    • Mon: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Tue: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    • Wed: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    • Thu: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Fri: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
    • Sat: closed, except by appointment only
    • Sun: closed, except when the Taylorsville YSA wards hold a FH Sunday School class 10AM - 3PM.
  • Closure Dates:

Calendar and Events

Upcoming Events: (for prior-prepared personal Find-Take-Teach experiences)

  • Wed Dec 13 - 7PM: Millrace Ward YM (2nd half) per Michael Silva (Taylorsville Stake) -moved from Nov 22
  • Tue Jan 9 - 7PM: Bernina Ward T&FH Consultants per Bob Hauser (Bennion West Stake)
  • Sat Mar 10 - 9AM - Bennion West Stake, Stake Discover Day at 3045 W Bernina Dr (5820 South) per Herb Robertson -moved from Feb 24
  • >>> To Schedule a Date for Your Group (no more than 12), please call Rick Francom at 801-810-4419 (must schedule at least 3 weeks in advance)

Past Events (Find-Take-Teach)

  • Bennion Utah East Stake
    • 2017-07-20 - Stake and ward T&FH consultants training (per Mitch Wiley)
    • 2017-07-26 - POSTPONED: Brookshire Ward: 10 YW with leaders per Debbie Hacker
    • 2017-07-26 - Brookshire Ward, per David Smith HPGL
    • 2017-08-29 - Brookshire Ward, per David Smith HPGL
    • 2017-09-27 - Brookshire Ward YW per Debbie Hacker
    • 2017-10-03 - POSTPONED: Bennion 12th Ward Council 1st half per Michael Winn
    • 2017-10-04 - POSTPONED: Bennion 12th Ward Council 2nd half per Michael Winn
  • Bennion Utah Stake
    • 2017-03-15 - Stake PEC (Stake Presidency & High Council) per Pres. Brent Calder
    • 2017-06-15 - Bennion 5th Ward Relief Society **FH intro at their wardhouse** per Judy Bunkall
    • 2017-06-21 - Bennion 14th Ward YW per Sister Krogue
    • 2017-09-13 - Bennion 2nd Ward Activity Day girls per Laura Dahl
    • 2017-10-18 - Bennion 5th Ward Relief Society per Judy Bunkall
  • Bennion Utah West Stake
    • 2016-12-06 - Stake YM/YW Presidencies per Nathan Winters
    • 2017-01-05 - Bennion 1st Ward Council per HPGL Larry Wright
    • 2017-03-08 - Ridgecrest 1st Ward Council per Claire Dieterle
    • 2017-03-28 - POSTPONED: Bernina Ward YW group intro per Tammy Ferrin
    • 2017-03-29 - POSTPONED: Ridgecrest 1st Ward YW per Tiffany Lofgren
    • 2017-04-26 - Hazelhurst Ward HPGL (reduced) per Warren Brunson HPGL
    • 2017-05-03 - Bernina Ward YM per Brady Thompson YMP
    • 2017-05-09 - Bennion 1st Ward YW per Amy Cook
    • 2017-06-05 - Bernina Ward Primary Activity girls per Janelle Kendrick
    • 2017-06-07 - Hazelhurst Ward YW per Sandra Brunson
    • 2017-09-20 - Ridgecrest 1st Ward Relief Society per Jennifer Ford
  • Taylorsville Utah Central Stake
    • 2017-03-22 - Stake PEC (Stake Presidency & High Council) per David Miller
    • 2017-04-19 - Taylorsville 10th Ward Council per Jan Parke
    • 2017-05-10 - POSTPONED: Taylorsville 30th Ward Council per David Miller
    • 2017-07-11 - Sauniatu Ward HP group per Amosa Wong HPGL
    • 2017-07-18 - Taylorsville 19th Ward Relief Society per Sherril Fairbourn / Laurie Cline
    • 2017-08-01 - POSTPONED: Sauniatu Ward YW (Samoan) per Rubina Siaosi
    • 2017-10-11 - Taylorsville Gardens 1st Ward Council +spouses per Mike Funk & Terry Gidney
    • 2017-11-01 - Taylorsville 30th Ward RS per Nancy Beckstead
  • Taylorsville Utah North Central Stake
    • 2016-11-30 - Stake YM/YW Presidency members, 5 HPGLs, 3 HC's, per Brandon Free
    • 2017-01-04 - Taylorsville 24th Ward YM/YW per Brandon Free
    • 2017-02-15 - Meadow Heights Ward YM/YW per Hyrum Okeson
    • 2017-02-28 - Mackay Meadows Ward YM/YW per Jeaneah Cutler
    • 2017-03-01 - Sunnybrook Ward YM/YW per Rick Francom
    • 2017-07-13 - HarvestLand Ward Youth Conference two groups per Teri Daniels
    • 2017-07-30 - Mackay Meadows Ward combined Prstd/RS @ wardhouse per Scott Pugh (not FTT)
    • 2017-08-02 - Mackay Meadows Ward adults per Scott Pugh
    • 2017-08-22 - Sunnybrook Ward Council per Brent Jensen
    • 2017-09-12 - Roxborough Park Ward Council per Roscoe Taylor HPGL
    • 2017-09-13 - POSTPONED: Meadow Heights Ward YM/YW with leaders per Rick Francom
    • 2017-12-05 - POSTPONED: Sunnybrook Ward YM/YW (1st half) per Nicole Olsen (was Nov 29)
  • Taylorsville Utah North Stake
    • 2017-09-19 - Taylorsville 8th Ward Council per James Payne
  • Taylorsville Utah South Stake
    • 2017-07-13 - Stake & Ward Temple & Family History Consultants Training per Pres. Stettler (not FTT)
  • Taylorsville Utah Stake
    • 2017-03-07 - Stake Presidency & wives per Mark Ethington
    • 2017-07-12 - Stake High Councilors with wives per Todd Jasper (1st half)
    • 2017-07-19 - Stake High Councilors with wives per Todd Jasper (2nd half)
    • 2017-08-23 - Bridgeside Ward Council per Sarah Nelson
    • 2017-11-15 - Millrace Ward YW per Tiffany Black & Michael Silva
  • Taylorsville Utah Valley Park Stake
    • 2017-04-05 - Valley Park 1st Ward YW group per YW Pres Wendi Tye
    • 2017-05-23 - Valley Park 5th Ward YW group per Kay Cherrington
    • 2017-06-20 - Valley Park 5th Ward Badger family (cold turkey) per Kay Cherrington
    • 2017-06-28 - Valley Park 5th Ward Relief Society per Jean Wahlquist
    • 2017-12-06 - POSTPONED: Valley Park 6th Ward YW/YM per Megan Darger
  • Taylorsville Utah YSA Stake
    • 2017-05-13 - Stake Discovery Day (FHC staff invited to assist)
    • 2017-10-17 - Brother Miller's Institute Eternal Families class - cold-turkey 30-min FTT (assume YSA stake)
    • 2017-11-12 - Temple & Family History Consultants Training at TFHC per Dave Hull
  • Taylorsville Coordinating Council (all 10 Stakes invited)
    • 2017-11-09 - High Priest Group Leaderships (and Temple & Family History Consultants) Training (per Area Seventy Elder Michael Bourne)

Class Schedule

  • CES Institute course 261 "Introduction to Family History" (2 credit hours) - taught to Taylorsville Institute students by Charla Hancuff:
    • Thursdays 7:00 PM to 8:20 PM (only for winter and spring terms, Aug 31 thru April)
    • Adults over 30 are welcome to register anytime for this class with the Taylorsville Institute office (in person).

Staff Training Meetings

Center Resources


  • FamilySearch Catalog: This center will NOT have the ability to order any of the films and microfiche available through the FamilySearch Catalog.

Databases and Software

  • Chrome Extensions installed on all PC's Chrome browser:
    • Hope Chest: searches for ancestors still needing temple ordinances (see http://hopechestsoftware.com/). Stores results in your FS account.
    • RecordSeek: reliably attach a source to FamilySearch from any web page (including from Ancestry)
    • Scissors Tab: splits the browser into two browsers: current tab becomes right half, left tab becomes left half (for side-by-side compare)
  • FHC Portal This center has access to the Family History Center Portal page which gives free access in the center to premium family history software and websites that generally charge for subscriptions. Click FHC Portal for a list of those premium databases you can access for free while at our center.
  • LibreOffice v5.2 - a version of OpenOffice (free) until we can afford Microsoft Office
  • ArkivDigital Online v1.5.4-rc3 - a program to help accessing Swedish Research
  • Google Earth - helps in locating worldwide maps
  • IrfanView v4.42 (64bit) - helps in editing or viewing your photos on your USB thumb drive
  • Overhead / Housecleaning background software for Safe Browsing:
    • Rainmeter v3.3.2 - for desktop shortcuts, such as to subscription websites that are free thru the FHC Portal.
    • DeepFreeze from Faronics Corp - for nightly security cleaning of traceable userid/password clues (or during next reboot)

Hardware and Equipment

  • 20 brand-new Dell 23-inch touch-screen all-in-one desktop computers installed August 2016.
  • New Lexmark MX611dhe B&W printer (with color scanner) installed August 2016. We charge 5 cents ($0.05) per page (per side) printed.
  • 11 new tables, new desk, and new projection screen installed October 2016.
  • HP OfficeJet 8715 color printer/scanner installed March 2017. We charge 15 cents ($0.15) per page (per side) printed.
  • Microsoft Office-2007 installed on 5 computers April 2017.
  • Kodak PS80 high-speed photo scanner (with legal flatbed scanner) installed 1 Dec 2017.

Center Services

Staff Research Specialties

  • Hope Chest (Chrome extension; see above)
  • Danish Research
  • English Research
  • Norwegian Research (see https://media.digitalarkivet.no/en/kb/browse)
  • Family Tree (in FamilySearch)
  • Indexing
  • Roots Magic
  • Ancestral Quest
  • U.S. Research
  • Utah Pioneers Research

Stakes Sponsoring this Family History Center

The following 10 stakes are the sponsoring stakes (from the Taylorsville Coordinating Council led by Elder Michael H. Bourne) who are providing resources for this Family History Center:

  • Bennion Utah East Stake
  • Bennion Utah Stake
  • Bennion Utah West Stake (the "agent stake")
  • Taylorsville Utah Central Stake
  • Taylorsville Utah North Central Stake
  • Taylorsville Utah North Stake
  • Taylorsville Utah South Stake
  • Taylorsville Utah Stake
  • Taylorsville Utah Valley Park Stake
  • Taylorsville Utah YSA Stake

Resources in the Local Area


Volunteer at the Center

  • Looking for volunteers comfortable with computers who love learning genealogy, and teaching youth and young adults how to find their ancestors.
  • If you are available to volunteer for 3 hours per week, we would love to have you, and happy to help you learn (and teach us all) additional skills.
  • Contact Jon Thomas (801-718-9772) or Cheryl Thomas (801-718-9675).
  • Fill out the Long-Term Volunteer Form
  • Then have your Bishop sign it, and bring it in to us during an appointment with us to get to know you.