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I note that contributors are adding copyright material from gazetteer entries from 1848 from British History Online as sole content in "Parish History"sections.

In South Yorkshire this is not only poor practice as use of copyright material (unless the copyright owner has granted permission) but it suggests that the parish history is complete and invites no further contribution. The shortcoming of such material in coal field communities is simply that most Anglican churches and parish history developed as mine shafts were sunk and collieries developed in the county from 1860's to 1920's and a blanket gazeteer approach to page creation of pre 1851 pages disregards large numbers of churches and chapels often bult by colliery owners.

What steps are being taken to guide contributors who add gazeteer material in this way? The gazetteer entry is capable of being linked if it is relevant but so far the information bears little relevance to the parish history and in many places around Doncaster is of limited interest; the development of mining communities and closure of churches and decline of villages is the real parish history. I should point out that it is relatively easy to link to the work of those of us who have contributed on other sites to preserve this information and guide researchers to records. Moment 09:30, 4 October 2011 (UTC)

We appreciate your feedback. After this post, we will watch to see if any changes are made on this page, since it seems that no one caught this before you did. If you see examples of this problem, please post on the Discussion page of the article and if there is a specific person who seems to have made the error, you could also contact that person on their User Page. We need your kind of expertise in catching these errors.Lynda 00:04, 6 October 2011 (UTC)