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In 2010 there is a quiet but innovative charting revolution transforming the future of the forms that family researchers can use now and in the future. 


      Imagine finding a trunk full of your ancestors pedigree charts and family group sheets.  At first you notice they look nothing like what you or anyone else has ever used for a family tree.  Closer examination quickly reveals that each pedigree chart amazingly includes a portrait of each ancestor, all of the vital detail for each ancestor's siblings' information (with portraits), source information, and custom comments from the compiler - yes messages from your ancestor to you about the family!  The family group sheets also leave your jaw dropping since they keep each couple and up to 24 of their biological children on the same sheet of paper - incredibly with a portrait of every family member. What an unbelievable legacy! The deeper you dig through the trunk the more wonderful forms you find for your family...census charts, military service summaries, complete obituaries, photo pedigrees, and more...each form is bears only one word/logo of its mysterious origins: Genedocs.

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