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County Formation Maps Online

No discussion yet? Consider the ice on this page broken.

Found an invitation to add map links. Since wasn't linked yet, I added one. The nationwide county formation animations are impressive, though not very useful (since the frames can't be frozen at a specific year). However, the individual state maps don't lack that feature; making them an excellent resource. My only lament is that several western states aren't included in the state map animations, even though they are shown in the nationwide animation (at much smaller size and faster progression). Since these are the states with the fewest counties and youngest county histories, it shouldn't be as much effort to create their maps (compared to those for the oldest states). Yet progress seems to have frozen

Beware of Previewing Edits

Also learned about the formatting breaks created by previewing my edits before finalizing them. The previews looked fine with rich editor enabled, but the posts had extra line-space and break tags added—which were only visible in the edit box when rich editor was disabled. I'd clean up the glitches, preview, and post, only to see the glitches return. When I posted without previewing, the glitches were cured. A bug in the editor, perhaps?