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Why doesn't this page link to Penn Probate Records on Family Search?

I'm very surprised that this page does not list Family Search itself as a Repository of Pennsylvania Probate Records. In the past two days, I've downloaded original wills from 1808 and 1834 in Allegheny and Montgomery counties, and there are thousands of records for all the counties. However, I only found this gold mine of images from a link on the Allegheny County, PA wiki page. When I tried to get there from the Family Search home page, using Search, then Records, I CANNOT FIND IT. I can list all record collections for Pennsylvania, and it is not there.

Name of this collection:

Pennsylvania, Probate Records, 1683-1994

and this is the only way I can get there:

FamilySearch staff, please do something to make the collection accessible to everyone! Somehow, links to it seem to have been lost.