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Sources in Pedigree Resource File

The notes say that sources are provided, but there appears not be a way they can be seen. The Source line in the notes includes a number of Alpha-numeric references but they mean nothing. It would be helpful if there was some explanation so that the original source for the entry can be seen.

I research the Kuschel, Lemm, Buersken, Zwak, Zwack, Czech families and some of the information that I have found, on this site, has been very helpful to finding my ancestors.  I have dates and places, for a lot of my ancestors, and I have found mistakes, on this site, as well.  All of my information comes from family members, they have family bibles and any old obituaries and or prayer cards.  I do appreciate all of the information that this site does supply to all of us who are researching thier ancestors,  Thank you Connie Melton

This article was exceedingly informative as my husband's family knew nothing about what happened to Mr. Hendershott after he left his wife Catharine Corcoran Hendershott sometime just after the 1900 census in LaSalle, IL.  Family Lore only said "he ran off with a redhead!"  His daughters Leota and Hazel never saw him again.  Mrs. Catharine Hendershott returned to North Dakota to homestead by 1906, taking her two little girls and her mother with her.  Her mother Mary McDonough Corcoran died in Burleigh, ND, Sep. 22, 1918.  Catharine's only surviving sibling Anne married a William Baxter and resided in Emmons, ND. (She and Will can be found there on 1910 and 1920 censuses.)  Anne Corcoran Baxter apparently had a daughter when she was seventeen named Ellen Donovan who is living with her in 1910.  Catharine, Hazel and Leota lived in ND until 1927 when Hazel's husband Philip Elliott (who she married in Bismarck Aug, 30, 1922) moved them to Flint, MI.  Born in Garner, IA, Mr. Elliott attended Grinnell College and then Harvard Law School.  He was an assistant attorney general for the state of ND, becoming a judge in Flint for the remainder of his legal career.  Frederick Hendershott's first wife Catharine Corcoran Hendershott died in Flint Mar. 22, 1962.  Their daughter Leota married Michael "Mickey" Lynch and had no children.  She was widowed young and was a legal secretary in New York City.  She passed the NY State Bar without ever having attended law school.  She died in Palm Beach County, FL, Jun. 11, 1980.  Their other daughter Hazel Hendershott Elliott was a homemaker much loved by her family.  She had three children Catharine E., Philip C. and Anne L. and died Mar. 15, 1970, in Boynton Beach, FL, where she and her husband Philip had retired.   Thank you for your inifo.  Hope mine was helpful.  Victoria Munn