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  • 1866 State census.[1] Bolivar, Claiborne, Holmes, Issaquena, Jasper, Jefferson, Marion, Simpson, Smith, and Wayne counties.
  • 1860 State census.[1] Choctaw County.
  • 1853 State census.[1] Adams (excluding Natchez), Amite, Clarke, Copiah, Greene, Hancock, Itawamba, Jefferson, Jones, Lauderdale, Noxubee, Panola, Perry, Rankin, and Wayne counties.
  • 1850 State census.[1] Hinds County.
  • 1845 State census.[1] Amite, Neshoba, Newton, Noxubee, Oktibbeha, Panola, Perry, Pike, Pontotoc, Rankin, Scott, Simpson (totals), Smith, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, Tippah, Tishomingo, Tunica, Warren, Washington, Wayne, Wilkinson, Winston (totals), Yalobusha, and Yazooo (totals) counties.
  • 1841 State census.[1] Adams, Attala, Bolivar, Chickasaw, Clarke (totals), Coahoma, Copiah, Covington, DeSoto (totals), Franklin, Greene (totals), Hinds (totals), Itawamba, Jackson (totals), Jefferson (totals), Jones, Kemper (totals), Lauderdale (totals), Lawrence, Leake, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Monroe, Neshoba, Noxubee (totals), Oktibbeha, Panola, Perry (totals), Pike (totals), Scott, Simpson, Smith, Tallahatchie, Tippah, Tishomingo (totals), Tunica, Washington, Wayne, and Yazooo counties.
  • 1840 State census.[1] Choctaw (totals) County.
  • 1837 State census.[1] Chickasaw, Choctaw, Itawamba, Jones, Kemper, Lowndes, Oktibbeha, Panola, Pontotoc, Simpson, Tishomingo, and Winston counties.
  • 1833 State census.[1] Amite (totals), and Franklin counties.
  • 1830 State census.[1] Adams (Natchez only), Amite (totals), Hancock, and Lawrence counties.
  • 1825 State census.[1] Claiborne (totals), Copiah (totals), Greene (totals), Hancock (totals), Hinds (totals), Jackson, Jefferson (totals), Lawrence (totals), Marion (totals), Perry (totals), Pike (totals), Simpson (totals), Warren (totals), Wilkinson, and Yazooo (totals) counties.
  • 1824 State census.[1] Amite (totals), Copiah, Hinds, Lawrence, Simpson (births and deaths), and Yazooo (totals) counties.
  • 1823 State census.[1] Adams (births and deaths), Bainbridge (now Covington), Claiborne (births and deaths), Covington, Hancock, Jefferson, Lawrence, Marion, Perry, and Wilkinson counties.
  • 1822 State census.[1] Claiborne (births and deaths), Copiah (totals), and Wilkinson and counties.
  • 1820 State census.[1] Amite, Franklin, Marion, Pike, Wayne, and Wilkinson counties.
  • 1818 State census.[1] Adams County.
  • 1816 Territorial census.[1] Adams,[2] Amite,[3] Baldwin (territorial county), Claiborne, Clarke (territorial county), Franklin, Greene, Jefferson, Marion, Monroe (territorial county), Pike, Warren, Wayne, Wilkinson, and Winston counties.
  • 1813 Territorial census.[1] Wilkinson County.
  • 1810 Territorial census.[1] Amite, Baldwin (territorial county), Claiborne, Jefferson, Warren, and Washington (territorial county) counties.
  • 1808 Territorial census.[1] Jefferson, and Washington counties.
  • 1805 Territorial census.[1] Jefferson, and Wilkinson counties.
  • 1788 Colonial census.[1][4]
  • 1787 Colonial census.[1][4]
  • 1784 Colonial census.[1][4]

Original state, territorial, and colonial censuses are available at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.[1]

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