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  • If at first you don't find a name, try again under another spelling.
  • Photocopy each ancestor's census. Identify where you found it.
  • Look for an ancestor in every census during her or his lifetime.
  • On the family group record show each person's census listings.
  • Study others in the same household, neighbors, and anyone with the similar names nearby on the census in community context.

  • Click here for a list of the exact date of each federal census.

Federal population schedules and indexes


{{Census Online Kentucky})


Microform and book indexes

Click here for a list of microform and book indexes for federal population schedules of Kentucky.

State population schedules

[Colonial territorial, state or other censuses]

Maryland made in 1778 a list of citizens who had taken an oath of fidelity which list is sometimes called a census.

Maryland took a census in 1776:

An online index to both is found in  KENTUCKY INDEXES (Census Index) 1776-1778 [MSA S1419].

Federal non-population schedules and indexes


Online Federal Non-Population Schedules for Kentucky

Free Free at Some Libraries(usually with library card) Pay
Year Schedule Type USGenNet Access Genealogy Evendon Google Book Heritage Quest Ancestry FHL Ancestry Library Ancestry Home
1890 Veterans - - - - - - Link Link Link
1880 Mortality - - - - - -  ?[1]   ?[1]  ?[1]
1870 Mortality - - - - - -  ?[1]  ?[1]  ?[1]
1860 Slave owner - - - - - Link[2] Link Link Link
1860 Mortality - - - - - -  ?[1]  ?[1]  ?[1]
1850 Slave owner - - - - - Link[2] Link Link Link
1850 Mortality - - - - - -  ?[1]  ?[1]  ?[1]
1840 Pensioner Link Link BookLink BookLink BookLink - - - -


Family History Library Federal Census Non-Population Schedule Microfilms for Kentucky
1890 Veteran 1870 Mortality 1860 Slave owner 1850 Slave owner  1840 Pensioners
1880 Mortality 1870 Agricultural 1860 Mortality 1850 Mortality
1820 Manufacturers
1880 Agricultural 1870 Industrial 1860 Agricultural 1850 Agricultural
1880 Industrial 1870 Social Statistics 1860 Industrial 1850 Industrial
1880 Defective 1860 Social Statistics 1850 Social Statistics

National Archives Federal Census Non-Population Schedule Microfilms for Kentucky
1890 Veteran 1860 Slave owner 1860 Industrial 1850 Agricultural 1820 Manufactuer
1880 Mortality 1860 Mortality 1850 Slave owner 1850 Industrial
1870 Mortality 1860 Agricultural 1850 Mortality 1840 Pensioner

Microform and book indexes

Click here for a list of microform and book indexes for federal non-population schedules of Kentucky.

Missing federal censuses

Click here for a list of missing and available Kentucky federal censuses.

Why use a census?

A well-indexed census is one of the easiest ways to locate where an ancestor's family lived and when they lived there. You can also use censuses to follow the changes in a family over time, and identify neighbors. These and other clues provided by censuses are important because they help find additional kinds of records about the family.

More about censuses

Click here for additional details about how to use censuses, such as:

  • index searching tips
  • analyzing and using what you find
  • census accuracy
  • historical background
  • contents of various census years and types

External sites

See "Tips" if you cannot find a person in an online census index on the first try.

  • FamilySearch Record Search has free census everyname indexes and (usually) images available for Maryland including 1850, 1860, 18701880, and 1900.
  • Kentucky State Archives has . 
  • Ancestry has all the Maryland censuses indexes from 1790-1930. Some indexes may include only heads of house. The index is linked to an the image and a transcript of the household's information. Ancestry is available at selected libraries, the Family History Library, a few Family History Centers for free, or by subscription at home.
  • Heritage Quest Online has indexes for the 1790–1820, 1860–1880, and 1900–1930, and images for all available federal censuses. Many libraries allow their patrons free access with a library card and password.
  • Census Finder has statewide links to online indexes, then countywide links, including indexes, transcriptions, scanned copies. The links on this site are often difficult to use.


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  2. 2.0 2.1 HeritageQuest has slave owner schedule images only.