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This article implies that all FHCs are fully equiped with computers, digital scanners, microfilm and fiche readers, books and other materials and computer programs. This is intellectualy dishonest. Most may have a computer and a PAF program but I can affirm that Ward FHCs in my area and the areas in which I have visited are not equal and not very well stocked as noted in this article. And the hours in which most FHC are open are minimal and usually only on weekends or by appointment.  There are many different types of FHCs and to not mention the differences is wrong. Jrcrin001 19:04, 21 April 2011 (UTC)

Dear jrcrin001, Thank you for your question about the pages of the Family History Centers. If you return to the introduction page at: you will see that it has been changed and will continue to change. In the past few months we have been adding a new page in the wiki for each center. They have been asked to fill out the information about their center on these pages. A good ones to look at is the Mesa Family Center History Center: And the Logan Family History Center: We are hoping that all the centers will us e these pages to inform patron of what their center has.jenson1