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RobertRaymondUT 19-Nov-2008

There is a description at that includes some codes not mentioned on this page. Is there anyone that can comment on the legitimacy of these additional codes?


T000001-T000011 Manual 110 year file from Family Group Records Collection, Archive Section

T000011-T000136 Temple Index Bureau (TIB) conversion

All digit numbers (except those listed specifically below)
Submitted Individual Entry forms, Marriage Entry forms, and family group records.
"Individual Entry forms" may contain death dates, father's occ., source(s) of info., submitter's name, address, and relationship. "Marriage Entry forms" may contain a couple's ages, names of parents, indication of whether the wife was a widow, source(s) of info., submitter's name, address, and relationship.
"Family group records", see "F***" above.
The first two numbers referr to the year the record was received in SLC, the next three numbers are the day of the year (i.e. 035 would be the 4th of Feb.), and the last two numbers are the mail batch that the entry was in on that day.

754**** = Special extraction projects (New Hampshire index to births)

These are all real batch numbers and the explanations given at are accurate. See Laureen R. Jaussi and Gloria D. Chaston, Register of Genealogical Society Call Numbers, vol. 1 (Provo, Utah: Genealogy Tree, 1982), 2-16 to 2-18 or the old handout "Tracing the Source of IGI Batch Numbers" for verification. Diltsgd 18:01, 25 November 2008 (UTC)


It's nice to know some of the background on what batch #s do, but I came looking for how to CONVERT BATCH #s to MICROFILM #s so I can look for actual documents (which is what everyone should aspire to do when doing family history, rather than just taking someone else's word for it).  I just wanted to look at M53527-3, which was a marriage, but all the chart did was tell me to look @ the C-prefix, which told me abt source films (which I know abt as THOSE are the films I wanted to look at!).  I hate running in circles, and that's all this page really did.  Maybe if you had a BIG button on this pg taking you to a pg that can do the conversions, I (& others) would be able to do what we came to do--confirming familial relationships.