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== FHL - What's new section ==
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In the FHL what's new section,&nbsp;I was hoping to see some description in the growth of the digital collection, given the significant effort regarding the conversion of films to digital, online images. According to the Granite Mountain videos, the 2.4M rolls of microfilm are being converted to digital format at the rate of about 4.6 thousand rolls per week. This is fantastic. Additionally, there are over 200 camera crews around the world significantly adding to the FHL collection.
All this new digital treasure is fairly hidden from family history researchers until these digital collections are indexed, now focused primarily on mega collections (i.e. census, large state/country vital records).&nbsp;
How can the massive effort to digitize the microfilm collection, and other efforts to grow the digital collection, be made more visible, and more accessible to the family history research community? &nbsp;
The FS indexing effort and the addition of new searchable collections is well publicized, and much appreciated. &nbsp;On the other hand, the digital conversion of microfilm is described as a breakthrough technical process, but little is shared regarding the actual progress being made, conversion specifics, and the availablity of new digital collections/images for virtual microfilm browsing. The camera crews have captured important new digital collections/images. How can this new information be organized and shared effectively with researchers? &nbsp;Additionally, the new FHL catalog seems to hide, rather than facilitate and promote, this significant, new FHL digital resource.

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