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Help us improve the indexing and arbitration of this project. Click the Edit This Page button to make suggestions. Messages will be removed after careful review by support and any updates will be posted to the Project Updates page. Many commonly asked questions, such as indexing crossed out information, have already been answered in the Basic indexing instructions.

Marital Status...   Sometimes the word  Child or Infant appears in the Marital Status field.  How to index that?  Index  Child or Infant entries  as  Single   or  tab over and leave field empty?  Here is example:


161779144 image 4. Is the certificate number 25382-A or 25382 (which is a certificate for an entirely different person)?

Numerous indexers are entering the county in the birth city or town. I assume that the correct arbitration is <blank>?

I have seen the instance discussed in the question above and have marked them <blank>,

~~Carol Yocom