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Here is the link to downlaod a pdf with answers to all the questions for this project: ""

It happens to be on the Part A page linked below, but it addresses all parts, as far as I can tell:",_New_York—"

The pdf is opened when you click on the sentence 'How to index passenger lists' located just under the tabbed header that says this in the above page.

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Just glad I can help! --SeptemberAmyx 16:54, 9 October 2012 (UTC)

Note: there is a second form being used that does not fit the directions given.  It does not collect the nationality of non-americans.  I suggest you mark the field as blank in this case.

Removed my original post because after it got escalated they removed the conflicting link. All List of US Citizen images are now type what you see.  <a href="User:Aprilrobertson">April Robertson - Owner of Indexer's Point of View</a> 20:17, 16 September 2012 (UTC)

But if the "If Native" field is blank, and the "If Naturalized" field contains court information on the naturalization, then the place of birth field should be blank, rather than United States; this indicates that the passenger is not a native of the U.S.

-- I agree. This would be combining the two rules where if nothing in the column then it would be blanked. <a href="User:Aprilrobertson">April Robertson - Owner of Indexer's Point of View</a> 00:18, 17 September 2012 (UTC)

There is a column heading on the manifests that states "Nationality (country of which citizen or subject)".  I take this to mean if a person is naturalized then that person should be considered a citizen of the United States.

-- if it states United States then index that. otherwise type what you see there. 

Passengers that didn't sail --
Passengers that didn't sail generally have their names crossed out, and in most cases, there is a statement to the effect that those listed on lines such-and-such did not sail. 
"Index the crossed out information and passengers who didn't sail. This ensures that no information is left out of the final product. The final decision will be made by the researcher."  (Family Search Support CaseID:2775372)  PJ Codella

State names - indexing and arbitrating
Should the indexer/arbitrator leave a space in state abreviations?  "Our Basic Indexing Guildes-Place names says to index a state abbreviation such as N Y as NY. However if both indexers have indexed with a space, N Y, it is your choice whether you want to go to the work of changing it to NY" (FSS CN 2775384)

Should the indexer/arbitrator change case?   "When a state such as Maryland is abbreviated as Md you do not capitalize the second letter. The abbreviations are to be indexed/arbitrated as they are written on the record."(FSS CN 2775384)

passenger lists project notes

There is no article showing to evaluate!

Trying to find the notes or special instructions for indexing New York passenger lists and nothing comes up.

Certainly Not very helpful.

Iowa County Marriages has nothing to do with this project. 

line through name, handwriting over name, handwriting to the side of name

What do we do about these different scenarios?  Sometimes I can read the name that has been written over.  Sometimes the name that is written to the side is completely different than the typed name. 

Sometimes a line is drawn through the name - is it still to be indexed or does that mean that the passenger didn't showed up for the voyage? (See note above - Passengers that didn't sail PJC)

New link but not new updated date????

There is new information for how to index nationality/birth country, but the date isn't updated, so how am I supposed to know that???? (only from a forum note from another user!!!)

Updates don't belong in PDFs

I really don't want to look through the whole slideshow every day, just in case the rules on naturalization have changed again.  Why not just put a note on the update page?  Or a note at the top of the field help for two weeks?  Also, I tried to sign up for email notification of updates, but the link was broken.  

Air travel

There is nothing listed on this project instruction as to how to index different passenger list for air travel.