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Many commonly asked questions, such as indexing crossed out information, have already been answered - Click the Basic Indexing Instructions link on the Project Links page to read them.

(Should have answers early next week) Conflicting information in Field Helps for Birth Country:
"If it was abbreviated, and you can determine what the abbreviation stands for, type the complete name instead of the abbreviation."
"For example, if a birth location was written as 'Germany—USA,' you would index the Birth Country field as Germany or USA."
Shouldn't the example be "Germany or United States of America"?

I am finding some entries for Country of Birth or Allegiance as U.S.A (Rep. Amer.)  How should this be indexed?

Question regarding Naturalization State.  I had been keying this based upon the information entered in the "Title & Location of Court" field, NOT based upon the person's home address (they may have been naturalized in a state different from that where they lived).  In many instances the Court field only indicated a city, so I left Naturalization State blank.  The arbitrator on my records populated the Naturalization State field based on what was listed in Home Address.  What is the guideline here?  Thank you.

Also concerning Naturalization State. In "Additional Helps", the first example in the powerpoint shows a version of the cards where a different field is used to determine state than the example shown in "Project Instructions". The layout is different and this may be where it gets confusing. When I have a card with the layout of the one shown in Project Instructions, I'm tempted to add the state when the "Address" field lists Hartford, Conn and "Title & Location of Court" field lists Superior Court, Hartford (no state). I haven't assumed state if neither the address or court fields include the state. I've also seen Court abbreviated as Ct which could be confused with the current abbreviation for Connecticut when typed in all caps. Maybe a couple examples might be added to the powerpoint to illustrate your decision on this. Thanks