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Common Indexing Mistakes

Arbitrators - please report common mistakes you see as you are arbitrating.  As needed, this information will be moved over to the Updates section on the main instructions page.

I downloaded batch # 004259153[19] US, District of Columbia Deaths 1875-1959 for arbitration.  It has 10 images total

1st image is a death certificate, 2nd image is a burial permit

3rd is d.c.,  4th is "Transportation of Dead Bodies"

5th is d.c., 6th is "Transportation of Corpse"

7th is d.c., 8th is burial permit

9th is d.c., 10th is "transmit permit"

the information on the burial permit, transport documents repeats the info on the death cert. and may have additional information such as transportation of body to Fitchburg, Mass.

Should the burial, transport documents be indexed ?  Many of them are marked as <no extractable Data>