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Race Codes

Okay, so I'm a little confused. I just ran across the Race C crossed out with a 2. Having seen the update about entering per the chart, I go to the chart and now I'm thoroughly confused. Do I put the 2, colored or Negro? An example of how to arb or index this would be extremely useful.

I don't think that chart was "given to the Enumerators". That chart was part of the instructions for the red-pencil coders who edited the pages to add red-pencil codes in preparation for the tabulation cards that were created to gather the statistical information for the census bureau's reports.The same red-pencil coders who crossed out the M in the marital status column and replaced it with a 7 for the married people who were not living in the same household with their spouses.

Chart with race codes

The article was helpful; it would be even more helpful either in the field helps or with a link in the field helps, rather than tucked away in a spot where we might not think to look for it.

Hypen or not

Here is a link to a document that may help you decide: