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The field helps state to index names or passengers listed on cargo manifests. It usually states them as passengers.  There are also names listed as "by who shipped"  and "to whom consigned" along with an item being shipped.  Should these names be indexed?  They may not be passengers, but merely people shipping packages.

Only Passengers are indexed.

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The passenger list indicates country of origin as County Down, County Donegal, etc. indicating the word county each time whereas the look up list only indicates the name of the county such as Down, Donegal, etc.  However, there are counties included on the passenger list that are not on the look up list; should we include the word county each time or not.  In other words, do we follow the look up list or do we "type what we see".

Q: On the NY Passenger lists, can we use the "Show Precious Image" to obtain family surname or nationality?

 Passenger lists, lines crossed out

I am working on alien passengers coming into new orleans. Q: Nine lines are crossed out, but somewhat readable, I cant find info on what to do......any advice???

Chinese names

Also addressing Chinese entering the States .. the form says

Indiviual name/ Wong

family name/ Wing

tribal name/ Fooe

But the template asks for :  Surname/  Given names.......  The way I saw this is

Surname/ Wing      Given name/ Wong Fooe

Anyone know the correct way???