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Project Revisions and Reminders

Common errors in indexing this project

  • Be sure to index the correct townland and spell the name of the townland correctly. See the information about townlands below.
  • Do not include titles or terms, such as Wid, Jr, or Mr, in the Given Names field.
  • Do not expand abbreviated or contracted names. For example, do not change Thos to Thomas, or Wm to William.
  • Do not assume a name for an individual when the document says, "and son." If an individual is not named on the document, do not add a record for him or her.


Index all names of individuals found on your image. Names may be located in columns for Townlands, in columns for occupiers and proprietors, in the heading of the document, or even written along the side of the document. Please check the image thoroughly to find all names.

Index any names in the heading of the document, and then index the names vertically down each column on the image, starting at the left column and working to the right.

Some entry lines will have ditto marks or other signs of repetition. It is only necessary to index each complete name one time for each image.


For more information about townlands, including alphabetical lists of townlands, click here.

You may find slight variations in spelling in the Lookup List. Spellings may have changed over time. If you know that a name is spelled wrong, please correct it, but you need not try to change it to a modern spelling. If you are not sure what spelling is correct, type what is on the image.

Some images may have include names for both a ploughland or a townland and a sub-denomination. Please index both of them in the Townland field.


In you download an image that is a letter, please index it if it includes any names of individuals. You may need to mark some fields blank.

Questions and Comments about this Project

We welcome your input and questions about your experiences from indexing and arbitrating this project. Click the + link to the right to add a new discussion, or click Edit This Page near the top of the page.

Question: I didn't find this question or answer in the Wiki for project. I found lines with Ditto in the name field but didn't find anything in the help- perhaps I missed it. Perhaps we should add it somewhere. Thanks
Answer: Some names will have ditto marks or other signs of repetition. It is only necessary to index each complete name one time for each image. --BJ Woodcock, Historical Records FamilySearch Patron Services

Question: I'm indexing a letter. It includes Parish, Diocese and County information - but not a townland name! I'll index the parish name, but it would be helpful to have clear directions. Thanks
Answer: You guessed right on indexing the parish name instead. This is now mentioned in the PowerPoint presentation below, but we'll also pass it on to the project creators and ask about adding it to the instructions. Thanks!

Question: The project information indicates there are 4 forms to index. When I downloaded letters or other sheets that did not contain any of those forms, I returned them marked as no extractable data. I read here that we are supposed to extract all names from all kinds of forms, even if there is only one name. Also that we are to extract names from headings and whereever a name is found on a page. This is very confusing and contradictory. Perhaps it should be explained in greater detail on the project information page and field helps. Many of my indexers are not aware of this page for updates and/or are not familiiar enough with the computer to be comfortable going to other sites for information. Almost all the arbitation I have attempted has had to be returned for reindexing.
Answer: Thank you for the tip. We'll see what we can do about adding it to the project instructions.

Additional Help

Check this project's page on FamilySearch forums for more questions and answers. button.jpg

Click here for a helpful video about indexing this project.

Click here to see a PowerPoint presentation with tips on how to index this project.