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Please remove the conflict

There are conflicting instructions about marriage licenses.

On the project updates page, it says "Batches containing both licenses and marriage records -- index both"

One the help page, it shows an example of a marriage license, and says "Mark this No Extractable Data Image"


Carl Sorensen

2 numbers not explained

I'm not sure what type of form you call this, but the project instruction don't address which number to enter.  I tried to attach a picture, but it says it can't find it.

The document is titled PARTICULARS to be supplied by the person solemnizing the MARRIAGE.

There is a registrar's stamp on top with a date (which you don't explain which date to use either!)

The left side has 2 numbers, VERY confusing.  These things may seem like small issues to you because you set up the rules for indexing.  For those of us doing the indexing better instruction images are MUCH needed.