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Will starts on one page, but name does not appear until the next page
How are indexers to index a will that starts on one page, but the name does not appear until the next page? The instructions are quite clear that you are to index the name on the first page, but if the name does not appear until the second page, which image should have the name indexed?:

If the name does not appear on the first page of the will, and you don't want indexers to look at the next or subsequent pages to get the name, then you are going to have to change the instructions for the project. And there is enough confusion already.

Project administrators, I hope you are watching the US forum for comments about this project. It is a great project, but indexers and arbitraters aren't "getting it" to mark only the first page of a will, let alone telling indexers and arbitraters, well, but if the name is on the last page... and it isn't on the first page....

If I could figure out how to mark this page for helpfulness and would do a thumbs down.

What should an Indexer do when the will starts on one page, which has a page number, but the name does not appear until the last page of the will on the next or later image?

I agree...  YOU NEED to CHANGE the Instructions for this project.  It is confusing.  And if it is not confusing to you and means what it says.. there are a lot of records that will either not be indexed... because the name does not appear on the first page of the will, but appears on a later page of the will but on anothe image..  Example:  Will begins on Image 01-02.. (2nd page)  No date, no name other than beneficiary names. Will continues on the next image Image 02 both pages... still no name.  Will concludes with page 4 which is on Image 03-01.

With the First page rule this will would never be indexed and never be published or found on FamilySearch by someone searching for this individual.  IS THAT WHAT  FAMILY SEARCH WANTS FROM THIS PROJECT.... Non-Indexed Valid Wills that do not fit some idealogical standard of what a will SHOULD look like?

Do not only edit Project Updates on this topic...  CHANGE  the Project Instructions  so people do not even read these ILLOGICAL instructions..  Do not count on people to read the project updates to find the correct instructions.