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Project Revisions and Reminders


Sample Images

This page will be updated as needed

There are a couple things to watch for in this project:

  • You don't have to account for blank lines - just skip over them to the next line
  • Some lines have two names - make sure you add a record for the second name
  • Do not index the terms, "for" and "Heirs"
  • Use the Owner column for the Owner names, only.  If there aren't any names in that column, make the document as No Extractable Data.
  • Enlarging the image is very helpful on this project.
  • If a company is listed as Owner with stockholder names, do not index the Company name or the stockholders
  • There will be some Texas Poll Tax records mixed in with these batches.  Mark them as No Extractable Data and submit.
  • Abbreviations "fmc" (free man of color) and "fwc" (free woman of color) should be indexed in the Titles or Terms field. If the name is completely spelled out and appears as Free Man of Color or Free Woman of Color, we would not index in the Titles or Terms field. As "fmc" and "fwc" are in the form of initials, we are asked to index FMC and FWC as a term.