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Many commonly asked questions, such as indexing crossed out information, have already been answered in the Basic indexing instructions.


Consent for Minor to Marry

I do not find this question addressed in project instructions or basic guidelines.  Generally, when a marriage record contains a "consent for minor to marry" and the consent is signed by a step-parent, how do we treat the step-parent for indexing purposes?  Would a step-parent fall into the same category as a guardian and not be indexed? Or be considered a "parent" and indexed in the appropriate field(s)?   Consider them as a parent.

19 Jan 2012 - Pennsylvania County Marriages, 1885-1950 - I opened a batch that had marriages from 1835-1847. When I tried to check the previous image a pop up stated there was no previous image, it was the beginning of the roll of film. Should I go ahead and submit this batch, since it is not within the designated years?  Share batch # 163281994 - Please refer to the basic indexing guidelines link above.  The answer is in the Dates section.

23 Jan 2012 - Pennsylvania County Marriages, 1885-1950 - On the marraige cover sheet, there is a document number at the top, a docket number at the bottom and a page number at the bottom. Instructions indicate to use a "page number" - in this case, is that the number at the top or the bottom? Batch # 004810295