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Many commonly asked questions, such as indexing crossed out information, have already been answered in the Basic indexing instructions.

Pennsylvania Marriage Records....

Again the question comes regarding Marriage Dockets..   A number of marriages on each page with a page number at the top of the page and with a number next to each couple.  Updates says to use Page number and not to use number next to the names...  does that apply to Marriage Dockets??  Which number do we use  page number or the certificate number next to each couple?   See shared batch 154521668


As you know, the field helps say to index the page number if there is a choice between a document page number and a document certificate number. This is also true on documents with mulitiple certificate numbers and a page number - enter the page number.

Florida Marriage Records

I'm having trouble sorting out the correct page or certificate number to use on these records.  The images I've looked at have consecutive, unique numbers stamped in the upper right hand corner.  Exactly like your example.  These are apparently the numbers used for the initial marriage license

These records (they're combination type records), also have different, non-unique numbers on the bottom of the record.  These are hand entered, and are the marriage return information.  And these look exactly like the example you provide in the Florida_Marriage_Page_ Number example.

I've read your instructions, but I'm not clear as to which number should take priority.  My assumption/suggestion would be the stamped number at the top of the image - since it is unique to each record.  But I'm not sure that's what you want. The specific records I'm working on come from Film #00470716, Batch #31

Thank you  -  I am afraid that without the share batch number, we cannot clearly address your question.