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"New" marked in red!

Just reading up on project instructions before I tackle one new to me; and I was delighted to see new info marked in red with the date. Thank you for adding that!

Certificate Number vs. Page Number

In the Illinois and Tennessee county marriage projects there are cover pages with a certificate number, usually at the top.  Lower on the page there may be information about where the document was recorded.  I indexed the certificate number and saw that arbitrators were changing it to the page number (because of the field help instructions) in the Tennessee project.

Now that I'm indexing the Illinois project, with similar cover sheets, I verified through Live Chat that the certificate number is the correct entry for the field:

You said ...
(8:06a) US, Illinois county marriages, share batch 134181063. I'd like some clarification on the certificate/page field. Example, 04-01 has a certificate number 5091. The image also says "[r]egistered . . . on page 102 of Marriage Register". Since this image is not the 102nd page of the marriage license, I think the correct entry for the page/certificate field should be 5091. When I reviewed my work from the US, Tennessee county marriages, with similar images, the arbitrator changed the entry from the certificate number to the page number. The instructions from the field helps makes sense to me when I'm looking at a register book with page numbers that includes entries with certificate numbers, but not the other way around. What is correct for my future indexing work?
Agent said ...
(8:08a) Please hold while I look at the batch.
(8:13a) Yes, you are correct. 5091 appears to be the correct entry. Please proceed as you are. Whatever register is mentioned, will be addressed by another project.

I thought that this might be valuable in the project updates.