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Talk:FamilySearch Indexing:US—Registers of U.S. Army, 1798-1913, Updates and Discussion

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FamilySearch Record Search This article contains instructions for indexing a collection of records online for FamilySearch.
Help index these records:
Access and search completed indexes: Historical Record Collections
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Project Revisions and Reminders[edit source]

Military Rank - Hidden Field: We not longer index the military unit. If you have a batch that was indexed before the change, the field will be hidden and you will need to unhide the field and carefully arbitrate it. It can be unhidden in two ways:
1-Click View/Organinze Fields and unhide the field or
2-Try to submit the batch. This will unhide the field.

Index no punctuation except the = (equal sign) - Example

Your Findings and suggestions for this project:

We welcome your input and questions about your experiences from indexing and arbitrating this project.

Note:  You will need an LDS or FamilySearch account to add to these pages, which is the same as the user name and password used for indexing.