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 I would like to help with this section.  I served a Genealogy Mission 1994-1996 at the Hyde Park Family History Center and actually visited a number of major English Genealogy Sites.  I have brosheres and data from many of them.  How can I be of the best use for those of you that are working on this project. My email address is  Arthur

To whom it may concern: FamilySearch: Research Wiki would like to make this comprehensive website page a Featured Article on the wiki.  Many users could benefit from its contents which do not just include England, but all of the British Isles and also is useful for research in general.  Therefore, I propose the renaming of the articlefrom

"England Major Websites" to "Major Genealogical Websites featuring the British Isles".  

With the new name all researchers could assess the information and know of the article's relevance. 

One other suggestion: a subheading to might be included as part of the titled which is a user friendly site of FamilySearch.

To all of you out there who have an interest in this marvelous page "England Major Websites" of genealogical websites, please respond with your suggestions as well.