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bibdesc coding

Please do not remove or edit the coding around the “Citation for This Collection” section of this article. The coding is essential for the source to appear on the Collection Page and is only visible when the page is viewed in wikitext.

Thank you for your help with the FamilySearch Historical Record wiki articles; we look forward to seeing you in the wiki!

-User Guidance Team

There is a glaring omission from this page, namely that in order for a non-LDS researcher to view the images it is necessary to visit a local LDS Family History Centre, as non-LDS members cannot view the images online. I would have thought that such basic explanation is the function of a page linked to the presentation of restricted collections.

Since most of your Kent contributor group cannot view the collection it follows that unless you offer clues on what links you wish to enter parish pages that can be copied you are effectively seeking to recruit LDS members to help you.

There are two forum threads relating to publishing a collection which has restricted access without the necessary explanation.

Ps1964 23:48, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

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